Ep. 13 - Browser Clipboard Attacks

Image bombs, Zero-width Characters, and Remote Code Execution (with defenses)

About This Episode

  1. Live example of a CSS clipboard attack
    • Can give the attacker remote code execution
  2. Live example of a Javascript clipboard attack
    • Understand how invisible characters in your clipboard can invade your privacy
  3. Learn how clipboard attack mitigations can be bypassed

  4. Learn secure ways of interacting with the clipboard

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  Episode 13
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Zach Roof
Zach Roof

I started my tech tutorial journey when I was bedridden for 6 months because I couldn't get healthcare insurance. While I might of been in extreme physical pain, I persisted because the instructors that I watched during that time filled me with immense joy. Towards the end of that experience, I vowed that once I gained the appropriate expertise, I'd provide quality tutorial content to the greater tech community.

In the years after my disability, I've held positions as a Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Application Security Engineer and a DevOps/Security Engineer. My professional path has ranged from large corporate settings to an intimate blockchain startup.

Now, the next progression in my journey is to take all of my experience and provide quality security tutorials to the greater tech community.